December 4, 2015



At Worth Personnel Group, our mission is to professionally and cost effectively expedite filling your staffing needs.


We have a large and continually expanding database of qualified candidates looking for temporary employment opportunities. Your company can easily outsource time consuming internal HR tasks to meet their immediate staffing goals. The benefits of using Temporary workers include:

  • Professional outsourced screening and hiring
  • Reduced cost to fill jobs
  • Decreased time to fill jobs
  • Increased retention and managed turnover
  • Outsourced payroll, time sheets and remittances


If your want to take a longer period of time to evaluate potential permanent employees, our temporary worker agreements include a Temporary-to-Hire option that allows business to transfer temporary workers onto their payroll. This is an excellent way to evaluate:

  • People returning to employment
  • Workers making a career change
  • Newcomers to the country.


We utilize the most advanced recruitment techniques to bring qualified candidates to your attention, and exercise due diligence when searching for qualified candidates.  Our goal is to make the hiring process simple, and our methods encourage long term retention of your new employee.  We consider a candidate’s soft skills and goals as well as their traditional hard skills, education and experience in referring a candidate for your consideration.

We specialize in finding top candidates and filling permanent positions in the following career areas:

  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Operations / Supply Chain
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology


Our services are customized to meet the demands of your unique corporate objectives, culture and staffing goals.  We are able to undertake the entire recruitment process from beginning to end – from a job description to on-boarding.  

We are also available to simply provide relief when time becomes a burden for your existing hiring team. We can undertake any or all of the screening process which lead to the interview stage. We are often utilized as a second opinion to bring to light concerns that may not be obvious to an untrained human resource professional hiring for a more technical role.